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COMAT - OPP Subject Practice Examination

About The Practice Exam

The COMAT Practice Examination is designed to allow an examinee to experience as closely as possible the actual COMAT testing experience, including the online navigation. The COMAT Practice Examination is NOT designed to give the examinee a score or provide information about how an examinee may actually perform on the COMAT Subject Examination series.

During the Practice Examination, you may exit your browser by clicking the [X] of your browser or by pressing ALT+ F4. Please note, actual COMAT Subject Examinations may not be exited in this manner.

The COMAT Practice Exam requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above with a monitor resolution of 1152 X 864 running in Full Screen mode. Using another system configuration or monitor resolution may cause some features to not render properly.

Content, format, and policy applying to the COMAT Subject Examination series may change from time to time. Examinees are advised to visit the NBOME website at for the most current information.

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