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COMAT FBS Targeted ยท Gastrointestinal System and Nutritional Health


Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure 10-15%
Embryology and Development 3-5%
Blood Supply of the Gut 3-5%
Immunological Responses and Autoimmune Disorders 5-10%
Infectious Diseases and Malignancies 15-20%
Cephalic Phase 5-10%
Neural and Hormonal Control Throughout the GI Tract 15-20%
Gastric and Intestinal Secretion, Digestion and Absorption 20-25%
Integrated Control of Satiety, Thirst, and Appetite 3-5%
Hepatobiliary Functions 3-5%
Nutritional Health 3-5%
Pharmacologic Treatment of GI System Disorders and Dysfunctions 15-20%


COMAT FBS Targeted