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Examination Day

ARRIVAL Examinees must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the scheduled test administration.
IDENTIFICATION Examinees must bring one piece of identification, which must be a valid government-issued photo ID with signature, such as a current driver’s license, national ID, military ID, or passport.

An examinee whose name is changed by marriage or for some other reason must notify the NBOME at least ten business days in advance of testing if he or she is to be tested under the new name. Any examinee presenting an ID that does not match the name in the Prometric Registration will not be permitted to take the examination and will be considered a “No Show” for all purposes.

As part of the examinee’s identification processing, the driver’s license, national ID, military ID, or passport will be scanned in order to retain scanned information by the NBOME. All examinees will be digitally photographed and biometrically scanned (by fingerprint) as part of the registration process. This identification will be required to enter and exit the test center.
LATE ARRIVAL Any examinee who arrives at the designated test center up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start time and requests to take the examination will be permitted to do so, ONLY if the test center is able to deliver the examination in its entirety.

Any examinee who arrives later than 30 minutes past the scheduled start time and is not permitted to take the examination shall be considered a “No Show” unless the test center is able to deliver the examination in its entirety.
PERSONAL ITEMS During the full test session, an examinee will not be permitted access to any information or data not provided to the examinee by the NBOME or Prometric at the test center and may not communicate in any manner with anyone outside the test center. Examinees are required to place all personal property, including watches, in the secure lockers provided at the test center. Examinees are not permitted to access their person property during the examination. Any examinee found with prohibited materials at any time during the test may be considered to have committed or contributed to irregular conduct regardless of the intent of the examinee. In such cases the examinee may be removed from the testing area, and a notation of irregular conduct may be made on the score report. See also “Irregular Conduct.”
FOOD AND DRINK Examinees are not permitted to bring food or drink into the testing area. If an examinee has a medical need that requires food or drink during the testing period, he or she must submit the request in writing to NBOME in advance for consideration.
LEAVING TESTING AREA If an examinee leaves his or her assigned testing area during administration of the CORRE examination without permission, the NBOME may in its sole discretion determine whether irregular conduct occurred. If the NBOME determines that irregular conduct occurred, the examination may be voided and not scored, and the examinee may face other action, as determined by the NBOME, and such conduct will be noted on the examinee’s score report and transcript. See also “Irregular Conduct.”

If in the opinion of the NBOME an examinee leaves the test area because he or she is unable to complete an examination due to a significant illness, the NBOME may in its sole discretion void and not report the examination, and, upon written request of the examinee made to NBOME within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the examination, with appropriate documentation as may be requested by the NBOME, permit the examinee to schedule a new test date without payment of an additional fee.

Regardless of the reason the examinee left the assigned test area, if the examinee is permitted to continue with the examination, he or she will not be granted any additional time to complete the examination.

If any CORRE examination does not launch or malfunctions, including but not limited to test form not assigned, or missing test items or portions of test items (including visuals, graphics and/or text) during the administration of the examination, such that the completeness, integrity or security of the examination is compromised for any examinee, the examination of the examinee(s) adversely affected may be voided by the NBOME and any answers to the extent completed would not be scored.
TEST CENTER CONTACT INFORMATION The specific test center contact information for examinations is provided on the electronic receipt an examinee receive as confirmation of a scheduled test date. Examinees should retain a copy of the receipt for future reference.

For information about the possible cancellation of an examination, examinees should visit the Prometric website or call 800-853-6769 to learn if the test center will be open for test administration.

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